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The real estate agency EstiaNet in cooperation with Returk Real Estate has created all the necessary prerequisites for a successful and reliable property market. Our long experience in the field of buying and selling in combination with the wide variety of properties we have in Greece enables us to meet the needs of even the most demanding buyer.

Our experienced potential and our well-trained associates undertake the handling of property related to properties of Greek Constantinople who have remained in the possession of the Turkish state. As a result, EstiaNet, in cooperation with Returk, has the potential to take all the necessary formal steps towards the Turkish state in order to resolve ownership issues and to bring these properties to the hands of the Greek Constantinople.

If you own a certificate of ownership in the area of ​​the City or the greater Turkey, you can contact us at the following telephone numbers:
EstiaNet Real Estate Agency
Responsible Pampaliaris Konstantinos
Tel. 6972828172/2392 0 29956
Antheon 8 Perea Thessaloniki
email: estiapam@otenet.gr
Responsible: Nejdet Turkoz
Tel. 0090 532 286 12 19
email: nejdetturkoz@returk.com.tr

Our goal is to provide value and solutions to our customers!

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